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Rune Web Design Weekly Round Up

RWD Weekly Round Up – 23 March 2014

Best of week 17 – 23 March 2014 Here’s the best of what we’ve read, found, tweeted, stumbled upon or shared this week. Fun Freebies Free Vector Infographic Design Template (AI) bit.ly/1hhdJbh Free download: 40 Valentine’s icons bit.ly/1iVuihe Content Marketing 10 Controversial Truths About Content That Will have You Spitting With Rage Or Smiling Contentedly […]

Adding plugins to WordPress to extend functionality

Which WordPress Plugins should I use?

Your guide to essential WordPress plugins for your website Using WordPress, the most popular content management system, I find that I install the same plugins time and again for nearly every website I design and develop. I see these WordPress plugins as part of my core installation covering a number of needs. Having discussed this […]


Top 20 iPad apps for web designer and marketers

As a web designer, copywriter and marketer I find my iPad an invaluable piece of kit. The iPad is one of the most popular tablets in the world. Apple sold 170 million by October 2013. In the period from June to September 2013 alone, Apple sold 14.1 million iPads and 33.8 million iPhones. iPads are […]

Envelope emailing note to Evernote

How To Email Notes To Your Evernote Account

Convert emails to notes in seconds Following on from my previous post about how and why I use Evernote, I would like to draw your attention now to a really cool feature of Evernote – emailing notes directly into your Evernote account. We’ve all had emails we’ve wanted to save. Bits of important information or […]

Evernote iOS icons - Food, Hello, Skitch, Peek, Penultimate

Top 10 Reasons Why I Use Evernote

Evernote® is a very useful note-taking app with many applications that automatically saves to the cloud and syncs to all your desktop and mobile devices. You may create an unlimited number of notes in an unlimited number of notebooks. Evernote will install on your PC or Mac, Apple iPad or iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices […]